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As a child I was fascinated by what my Brownie camera could capture.  I think I knew from that moment that photography was going to play an important role in my life.   While I photographed for years, my real growth came when I retired from IBM in 2009.   From that moment, I committed myself to study, practice, and work in the photography arena.

I took classes with local photographers in Raleigh. I studied with National Geographic Photographers in Arizona, Texas, Virginia, Santa Fe, and Portland.  I began to photograph ballerinas at The Carolina Ballet and at a little Tutu School.  I worked daily to improve my skills.

In 2014, while recovering from a brush with breast cancer, the camera became my medicine.  Each day, I walked until I found something to photograph.  It might be a flower; sunlight on a tree; a bird; a smiling child – something that I had never taken the time to see before.  All of a sudden, I realized that my world was filled with beauty and life if only I would stop and look.  

The more I photographed, the more passionate I became about the world around me.  I was encouraged to share my vision with others and that’s what I’ve done through the creation of photographic note cards, enlarged photographs and canvas.  My work is currently featured in sixteen studios and stores in North Carolina.

I focus on things around me -- nature and landscapes; barns and barn quilts, sunrises and sunsets; and animals and people.  Each photograph is my attempt to capture life as I see it at that particular moment.  I particularly enjoy photographing in and around Banner Elk.  While most of my work is in North Carolina, I do have some favorites from across the US and Europe.

If my photography can make someone smile, or stir an old memory, or give comfort, I’ve accomplished my goal.  My journey has made me approach life with new found energy and purpose – I now live as if I were dying!!!  What a beautiful world awaits when you take time to look.

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